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Server Management

Any working server is not optimum adjusted. It is influenced with such factors:
  1. constant updating of the software by developing companies;
  2. because of increasing in projects the loading for a server increases too;
  3. standard adjustments of the software do not always meet the requirements;
All this means necessity of constant server management. Having taken advantage of our services, the customer receives necessarily:
  1. Highly skilled support of rented servers;
  2. Disposal of problems of the own employees staff maintenance;
  3. Decrease in expenses for installation and the maintenance of the allocated servers;
  4. The remote access server will meet completely to your requirements in management questions;

Initial services package:

  1. OS Installation;
  2. Installation and testing of the control panel if necessary;
  3. Installation of a standard services set: FTP, Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL, DNS, SSH, Control Panel (free Webmin);
  4. The help in errors correction and elimination of failures in minimally volume necessary for diagnostics and correction when it is known or is supposed what kind of failure has occurred or the error is known.
  5. The problem decision within 24 hours.
Cost: Free
[ one-time service, given only for SG Managed servers. ]

Base server management:

  1. Updating of base computer software (FTP, Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL, DNS, SSH) by inquiry;
  2. Modification in computer software adjustments, necessary for system functioning;
  3. Reserve copying of content and databases if necessary. Thus data are copied on the carrier (a hard disk, the remote access server), given by the customer. Service of reserve copying on our server can be separately ordered.
  4. Adjustment and round-the-clock monitoring of all standard services (HTTP, FTP, DNS, POP3, SMTP, IMAP and etc.) and services of databases (MySQL, PosgresSQL and etc.);
  5. The general operating time with a server no more than 5 hours per month.
  6. Technical support by ICQ, E-mail round the clock.
  7. The decision of arising problems within the working day.

The expanded server management:

  1. All services of "Base server management " +
  2. Adjustment and conducting policy of access rights to resources of a server;
  3. The periodic analysis of system work journal for detection of failures in work of computer software, possible attempts of attacks;
  4. Definition and carrying out of preventive actions with a view of productivity and reliability increase of a server;
  5. The analysis of base computer software working and server appendices;
  6. Monitoring of a server loading;
  7. The general operating time with a server till 20 hours per month.
  8. Technical support by ICQ, E-mail round the clock.
  9. The decision of arising problems within the working day.

Full server management:

  1. All services of " The expanded management " +
  2. System management of the specialized (non-standard) software on the client server under the additional arrangement;
  3. The safety of your server and your data (firewall, constant tracking of new breaking ways).
  4. The general operating time with a server till 50 hours per month.
  5. Technical support by ICQ, E-mail, phone round the clock.
  6. The decision of arising problems in process of receipt.
  7. The emergency decision of problems.

One-time services:

  1. Installation and adjustment of any software.
  2. Diagnostics and elimination of the problems that have arisen on the client fault.
  3. Consultations.
  4. Minimal ordered time - 1 hour.
  5. The decision within the working day.

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