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About Virtual Hosting

Virtual or shared hosting means that not only yours account ( or website) will be hosted on a particular server, but the server will be shared between a number of accounts.

Virtual hosting is an exellent choice for those who doesn't require power of dedicated server but would like to get a reliable and affordable solution to store their web sites and applications and should suffice for almost everyone.

About VPS Hosting

Virtual private server (VPS) is used to refer to a virtual machine for use exclusively by an individual customer of the service.

About Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server that you have full control of the OS. SG MANAGED currently installs the following OS's for FREE: Fedora Linux, Debian Linux, Redhat Linux, FreeBSD Unix, CentOS Linux and Windows 2003 Enterprise Server (If you have your own 2003 License Key). With a Dedicated Servers you will have full root access on Linux Servers or Administrator access on Windows Servers.

About Server Colocation

Colocation with SG Managed is an outsourcing solution where the client places its server(s) in our datacenter and the client is responsible for administration while SG Managed provides the cabinet space, bandwidth, routing, and electricity. Colocation saves you the time and the vast expense of building and maintaining a network for your server(s).

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