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About Server Colocation

Colocation with SG Managed is an outsourcing solution where the client places its server(s) in our datacenter and the client is responsible for administration while SG Managed provides the cabinet space, bandwidth, routing, and electricity. Colocation saves you the time and the vast expense of building and maintaining a network for your server(s).
Our data center is 600 W. 7th Street in Downtown LA. This is a MAIN peering point in LA and contains the peering fabric for EQUINIX and across the street is the peering fabric to the PAIX in ONE WILSHIRE. Most every provider imaginable is within 500 feet of our DC and we cross connect to the best providers.

Our Server Colocation offers

Server Colo

Included bandwidth: 3,300Gb/Month
Colo One Server
up to 6U in Size$150order server colocation now

1/2 Cabinet Colo

Included bandwidth: 3,300Gb/Month

$550order serve colocation now

Cabinet Colo

Included bandwidth: 3,300Gb/Month

$900order serve colocation now
*All prices are subject to change without notice.

Server Colocation Features

  1. Secure and Controlled Facility
  2. 24 hour On-Site Technical support
  3. Multi-homed Gigabit Backbone
  4. Cisco Firewalls
  5. Cross Connects to Most Providers
  6. 100% Network Uptime
  7. Burstable Connections
  8. Free UPS and Diesel Generator Power Back-up
  9. 24/7/365 Emergency Access
  10. Free 24 hour reboots
  11. Free Set-Up

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